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Peer support helps!
Are you going through rough times? It may be helpful to have people around you going through something similar. They let you know you are not alone.


Talking to each other helps
The Peer Support Network Organisation Southeast Brabant brings peers together. We get you in touch with a peer support group supervisor, so you can take that important step to recovery. Chances are you will make a new start here. All by yourself, aided by your peers.


Anonymous and autonomous
When you call or visit the Peer Support Network Organisation, we do not register anything. This means you can get in touch anonymously. We are happy to be there for you. Participating in groups is also anonymous. The participants decide how they want to fill in the meetings. They are responsible themselves, for every group is autonomous.


About us
This is what the Peer Support Network Organisation does for you
The Peer Support Network Organisation Southeast Brabant does everything to make the peer support groups work out well. Whether it is a newly started peer support group or a group that has been running a little while longer. We offer very practical assistance:

• We ensure a suitable location for meetings;
• We gather information/documentation;
• We coach new peer support group supervisors when starting and continuing a group;
• We help groups with their public relations, for example when they want to make a brochure;
• We are contact point and conversation partner for (regional) health care facilities.

Below you can download our info card and / or print. On the card you will find all of our groups with description.

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