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Mental health

Important: All self-help groups are in Dutch, unless stated otherwise.

The AD(H)D group
For anyone who has AD(H)D and who wants to talk about this with others.

For people with an anxiety disorder.

For people with autism or related disorders.

Bipolar disorder
For people who suffer from Manic Depression.

For men and women with borderline issues.

Depression group
For people suffering from depression.

For all people with an obsessive compulsive disorder who suffer from obsessive thoughts and/or compulsive actions.

En nu verder (And now move on)
For people who have received treatment at the TRTC (Top Referent Trauma Center)

Running group de Oppeppers (Boosters)
For anyone who wants to run for mental health.

Labyrint- In Perspective Eindhoven and surroundings. (Foundation)
For family members and directly related people (among others care-givers) of people with mental and psychiatric problems.

People who suffer from a posttraumatic stress disorder.

Trauma group, for people with different kinds of traumas.
People with a posttraumatic stress disorder.

Vermoeide Helden (Tired Heroes) 2013, Helmond region
For men who have had a break-down after a traumatic event (often work-related).

Friday group for people with a psychiatric background
For people with a psychiatric background.

Ypsilon Eindhoven/De Kempen
For family members of people with an increased vulnerability to psychosis.

Ypsilon Helmond and surroundings.
For family members of people with an increased vulnerability to psychosis.