Self-help group for people with chronic fatigue problems is looking for participants and a second contact person

A self-help group offers an opportunity to come into contact with fellow sufferers. The participants meet twice a month in the daytime without any participation or intervention of professionals in a quiet environment. Participants share experiences, learn from and support each other. In a self-help group, you receive acknowledgement and understanding from others, which is often difficult in everyday life. Talking to others about your problems helps!
This self-help group is for people who deal with chronic fatigue, whether or not with a CFS diagnosis, whose daily life is more or less severely impacted by their symptoms.
Depending on the participants this group will either be in English or Dutch, or alternate between English and Dutch.
The two contact persons will be the coordinators of the group. They look after the groups process and function act as point of contact for the organisation and for people who sign up for the group.

For more information about the group or to sign up (also for people who want to participate but do not want to be a contact person) you can contact us via:
– phone 040-2118328
– mail
contact form

We ask you to mention the name of the group.